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Gated Community

A Gated Community is defined as a group of houses or apartment buildings protected by gates, walls, or other security measures.

I have redefined the phrase “Gated Community” to reflect the contents of this blog.  I achieved this redefinition by conjugating the true definition of the individual terms within the phrase.

Gated :  gat·ed  [gey-tid] – adjective : a movable barrier, usually on hinges, closing an opening in a fence, wall, or other enclosure

Community :  com·mu·ni·ty [kuhmyoo-ni-tee] – noun : a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

I don’t know which of the excuses to use to justify the scenic view upon my daily travels in the Bronx.  We can go with the rent is too expensive, there’s not enough money in the street, bad business administration, tons of excuses to why these local stores have gone out of business.  It seems everywhere I go there is a commercial store with the gates down bearing a for rent sign.  Before I rented the current commercial space for my office I spent month scouting for a financially feasible locale in a location easily accessible to my clients.  There was this one commercial storefront which I noticed has been closed for about 2 years so I called them to inquire about the space.  I figured its been closed for years so this company will either kneel before me or have the flexibility of a gymnast when it came time for negotiation.  To the contrary this company had rents three times the locale market rate and their position was firm.  They informed me it was to the owners benefit to have it vacant rather than rent it below their asking price. It worked out for me because I rented the commercial store right across the street from that one.  It was a little bigger and the rent was almost one third cheaper.  Today I peer out of my office window and that office space across the street still has that for rent sign on it.

We can argue and spend the whole day deciphering the true cause of the ailing economic conditions in the Bronx.  People place blame at government politics while some target the demographics making it the poorest county in the state. Then there are those who in  tradition of placing blame make up this thing called the system and blames the system.  The only common factor I can identify in every ones argument is that everyone points the finger at everyone else but them.




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